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When Andi gets Bev (Swoosie Kurtz) a spot volunteering at the hospital, Joe becomes bored and starts spending too much time with Adam. When Andi and Adam disagree about Kate attending a dance with an older boy, Adam tries to outsmart Andi to win the argument. Adam attempts to organize a birthday dinner for Andi and he discovers that managing guests isn’t easy. When Adam and Andi lose footage of an intimate moment they accidentally recorded, they have to track it down before anyone can see it. When Andi’s folks decide to visit them for Easter, Adam and Andi have to keep the peace between both sets of parents. When Adam insists that pranks are harmless fun, Andi creates an elaborate hoax to teach him a lesson. Adam is determined to figure out what Andi’s hiding when he discovers she’s been keeping secrets from him for his own good.

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